Gerardo Montiel Klint


Gerardo Montiel Klint is the artist behind Amoniaco, one of the 5 projects that form Ciudad de las Montañas by Newwer.


Amoniaco tells the dystopian story of the city of Monterrey, one that used to be a prosperous, striving from the success of chemical plants and metallurgic industries. Suddenly a disastrous ammonia spill drives the city to ruins and disgrace. The collection takes the viewer in a journey through the aftermath of this devastating event, leaving an acidic and melancholic nostalgia.


Montiel Klint was born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1968. He has an Industrial Design upbringing but he is mainly known by his photographic work. His pieces are part of numerous collections all across the world and has being recognized by several institutions with awards such as the “Omnilife Grand Prize” in 2000 and  Bellas Artes Silver Medal in 2008. He is the co-founder of HYDRA, a photographic network that bring mexican photographers together.

His work plays with the raw face of death, nostalgia, the human body's limits and the spirit’s defeat. With a complex image construction process and a technique perfected through time, Montiel Klint leaves a challenging impression of one's mortality and the imminence of it.