Pablo López Luz


Pablo López Luz is the artist behind Frontera, one of the 5 projects that form Ciudad de las Montañas by Newwer.


Immigration and borders have been recurring topics along Mexico's social and political history.  Families and cultures marked by the constant traveling, commercial treaties and product exportation from one side of the border to the other. With the current international scenario this project becomes more relevant and as political and social issues evolve, this territory, that represent the dream of a better life to a lot of latin american families, will not longer be the same, it will vanish and it will be destroyed.


Born in Mexico City in 1979, Pablo López Luz is a contemporary artist and documentalist. His work has traveled across borders, with solo exhibitions in cities such as Rome, Oaxaca, Guadalajara and New York, and featured in over twenty publications. His last book goes by the name “Pyramid” published in 2015.

His work takes the viewer to places that may seem familiar, from angles we don’t often see, like Mexico City or Acapulco. He talks about what it means to be mexican, the dynamics and aesthetics, with the intention of exposing this identity from a different point of view.