Adela Goldbard


Adela Goldbard is the artist behind The Sacrifice, one of the 5 projects that form Ciudad de las Montañas by Newwer.


In The Sacrifice, Goldbard presents us with a piece composed by both audiovisual and physical elements, showing the process of how the protagonist (a truck) is refusing to be destroyed, only to then being transformed into a sculpture by cranes and other machines controlled by an invisible power and then presented in a gallery as a trophy.


Born in 1979, Adela Godard is a visual artist and audiovisual creator. She has a bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Language and Literature from the National University of Mexico and is a member of the National System of Artistic Creators of Mexico. Her work has been showcased in over ten countries such as Austria, France, Germany and the Philippines.

Her work  is largely based over her ethnographic research and integrates it on her  pieces in order to provoke critical thinking on the spectator. She challenges what it's considered mainstream cinema by performing ephemeral acts in front of the lens to get the most genuine and unexpected results with a dark humor as a current feature.