Eunice Adorno


Eunice Adorno is the artist behind Desandar, one of the 5 projects that form Ciudad de las Montañas by Newwer.


Desandar looks back into the times of the Mexican Revolution, where the role of subversive women was crucial but has been victim of erasure. Women that took part on the Mexican Liberal Party led by the Flores Magon brothers. With little to nonexistent access to the records of such rebellious women, Adorno is set to reconstruct this disruptive part of history and give back the recognition it deserves.


Eunice Adorno, born in Mexico City in 1982 started working more than 10 years ago as a photojournalist and is currently working on documentaries. Her book “Las Mujeres Flores” was published by La Fábrica (Spain) on 2010, receiving the Fernando Benítez National Culture Award. In 2012 she was nominated to the 2012 Rudin Prize for Emerging Photographers for The Norton Museum of Art in west Palm Beach, Florida.