José Luis Cuevas


José Luis Cuevas is the artist behind New Era, one of the 4 projects that form FUTURO by Newwer.


New Era suggests a fiction about a world in which human-being transits spiritually through obscure paths where horror, fear and despair prevail. The series evokes a general malaise of a society that struggles constantly against their own evilness and fears. New Era evokes a symbolic and very distant, quasi-futuristic, rebirth of human being. The series suggests an eternal struggle whose opponents fluctuate constantly between the finite and the infinite, destruction and renovation, life and death. Its images remind us about the metaphor of the spiral that is always renewing what is wilted again and again, as an approach to the dilemma of the eternal return.

The project was produced inside Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Bolivia, Colombia, Italy and France. The people you see in the pictures are followers of believers of different religious practices.


Born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1973, José Luis has been recognised as one of the most important active mexican contemporary photographers. His work has been recognised with awards in different platforms such as PhotoEspaña, Sony World Photography Awards and the International Award of Photojournalism of Gijón. His job has been published in different international publications, such as Photoicon. He is currently founder and director of Gimnasio de Arte y Cultura, a space dedicated to arts education, with a special focus on photography.

In the present context of constant crisis, frustrations and heaviness, Cuevas reflects on today’s beauty standards which he portrays through his extravagant aesthetics. He is considered one of the representatives in the new photo documentalism and his work has a strong presence across the latin american art scene.