Alice Quaresma


Alice Quaremsa is the artist behind Palm Tree, one of the 4 projects that form FUTURO by Newwer.


“Palm Tree” is an experimental project between photography and other mediums. Rio de Janeiro’s coast is the background and main essence of the work. Bringing the “Tropicalia” essence from its multi-cultural environment. Through “Palm Tree” I intend to continue to explore the possibilities in photography beyond the flat surface of the photo paper and its mechanical process by overlapping photographs with digital or handmade marks and gestures using paint, pencil and tape. The gestures and geometrical forms are traces of the Neo-concrete art movement (that happened in Brazil between 1959-1961) as a main source of inspiration in my art practice over the years. Each piece carries an unique intervention, which provokes an abstraction in the photo by hiding descriptive qualities present in the photograph.


Alice Quaresma was born in Brazil in 1985 and currently lives in New York. Alice has in her curriculum a number of awards, special projects invitations and residency programs, including the renowned Foam Talent Prize in Amsterdam. Alice has had her work published in major magazines, newspapers and websites in Brazil, Japan, US and Europe. She participates in exhibitions and residency programs in the USA, Europe and South America since 2006.

Alice has been experimenting with materials that allow her photographs to be sensorial and playful, pushing the boundaries of photography as a flat surface. Alice Quaresma's work explores the physical aspects of photography and the experimental quality on the work is becoming stronger as she continues to deconstruct photographs. She is embracing the multiple possibilities that exist in the photographic spectrum.